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Enhance Your Resumé With A Personal Branding Video

Enhance your resume with intro|video’s personal branding video and shine in a competitive job market. With our guided message creation process, interview & filming sessions and networking tools, we help you create a professional 40-second personal branding video™ that helps you to make a powerful first impression with Recruiters, HR Professionals & Decision Makers. 

Maximize your job search with our complete networking tools to place your video as part of your Email Signature, LinkedIn Profile and any other Online Profile.

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What Our Clients Say

We Help You Show Your True Self

IntroVideo personal brand video

Optimize Your Message & Make A Great First Impression With Your Own Personal Script.

IntroVideo personal brand video

We Make The Process Easy With A Guided Interview & Filming Session.

IntroVideo personal brand video
IntroVideo personal brand video

We Edit Your Recorded Session To Ensure You Look & Sound Your Best.

IntroVideo personal brand video

Maximize Your Reach With Our Powerful Networking Tools.

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Script Creation

Connect With Your Audience

With a few short questions, our intro|video editors will help you craft a dynamic script that delivers your unique message clearly & effectively.

Professional interview

& filming session

Guided Filming Session

A skilled intro|video™ team member will coach you through your interview and filming process; the goal is to make you look great and show your true value & personality.


Edited Video

A Clean, Clear Final Video

After filming, we’ll take the best parts of your interview, ensure video & audio clarity, and deliver a video that will help you make a lasting impression with future employers or potential clients.



branding page

Your Personal Landing Page

You’ll have a dedicated landing page to show your video, plus you can add links to your offsite resume, LinkedIn profile, and other resources. Give decision-makers a place to see your video anytime.


Email Signature

Make A Lasting Impression With Your Signature

Make your email signature more dynamic with your personal branding video. With one click, your intended recipient can see the real you.


Web Site Code

Video Placement Wherever A URL Can Be Embedded

On your LinkedIn Profile, another professional site, or on your digital resumé, place a link to your video wherever a link can be embedded.


Head Shots

A Picture To Add To Your Collection

3 Head Shots are provided from your filming session to use as you see fit, whether it's on a profile page, to send to a friend, or perhaps maybe the grandparents want a new picture.

Group/Studio filming is available for individual companies or College Career Centers; if interested, please get in touch with us at any time.