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General does not sell, rent, or distribute any personal information to third parties. We take great care to prevent unauthorized use of any information, media or data associated with our clients. The use of this website and associated software ( is for the private use of our clients.

Client Media

Client media is created and stored for a limited time (max 6 months), and is only used for product creation, training and testing purposes. does not sell this media, nor does it permit 3rd parties from using or viewing this media for purposes other than training or analytics pertaining directly to

Client Media Use

Media generated from the use of this site and software, can be used by clients for promotion and branding, and can be used in conjunction with other products such as a branding page, email signature or any derivative products. Media can also be downloaded by our client to their computer or server and be posted on their social media accounts, employment sites and other private or corporate sites as they deem fit. Media Use retains the right to use the final product for training and evaluation purposes, advertising and product examples. Our client retains the right to request that their final product, not be used for advertising or promotional purposes. Additionally, our client retains the right to request that if the media is loaded to a public site (eg YouTube) for application & viewing purposes by IntroVideo, that the video be set to a non-public viewing mode.

Cookies does us cookies generated on their site, for website analysis and product analysis and the client’s own edification. Limited metrics on video product plays or the client’s branding page views may be available for the client. Client information regarding video product plays or data associated with branding page views is never released to 3rd parties. endeavors to follow the laws, best practices, and guidelines regarding privacy and data protection in the jurisdictions in which it operates.